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Gold Bullion Types
Gold Bullion We Sell From We Buy Up To
1 oz Gold Bullion $1,769.15 $1,674.22
1/4 oz Gold Bullion $442.29 $418.56
1/2 oz Gold Bullion $906.15 $837.11
5 oz Gold Bullion $8,759.45 $8,371.10
10 oz Gold Bullion $17,484.38 $16,742.20
5 grs Gold Bullion $294.11 $269.14
10 grs Gold Bullion $588.22 $538.27
20 grs Gold Bullion $1,137.59 $1,076.55
50 grs Gold Bullion $2,832.87 $2,691.37
100 grs Gold Bullion $5,660.20 $5,382.74
500 grs Gold Bullion $28,106.77 $26,913.69
1 kilo Gold Bullion $56,047.07 $53,827.38
Prices Updated: Wednesday, 12 December 2018
The prices shown above are indications of Spot retail price and will only be updated during trading hours.

Selling your gold bullion is a way to cash in on your investment(s), gold bullion as an investment can go up and can go down. Great investors know when the price is high and they exit, on the other hand when the price is low they buy. Right now the price of gold is very high. At Gold Buyers Melbourne we buy gold bullion for a superior rate.

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When you talk about investment, it involves making choices. Should you buy into this stock or commodity now? Or should you wait until the time is right? In that respect, when is the right time exactly? In investment, the best time to buy in is when the price of a certain investment vehicle is low. You get to buy as many units of investment and, when the price per unit goes up, the cumulative value of your investment will also grow considerably.

Then comes the question of what investment vehicle should you be putting your money into? You can put your money into futures, or you could go ahead and invest in commodities like gold bullion. Gold belongs to the precious metals together with silver and platinum, among others. Now, the current market has a bullish or positive outlook towards commodities, particularly silver and gold. Reasons for this include the current insta bility of the market, of which commodities have proven to be resilient. This resilience has led moderate and conservative investors to buy into gold and silver bullion as they seek to secure their investments and mitigate their risks. Even aggressive investors are buying into commodities and precious metals for the same reason.

When investing in gold and other precious metals, you would need to seek out a certified silver and gold specialist who will help you make the right investment. These people should have extensive experience in the trade, and should be very fair in their valuation and assessments.

Gold Buyers Melbourne is a leader in gold and silver buying industry in Australia and is very trustworthy. The company offers state-of-the-art and on-the-spot gold and silver testing and valuation. This means that, when you decide to sell your precious metals to Gold Buyers Melbourne, you can have an honest and fair valuation right on the spot!

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Prices Updated: Wednesday, 12 December 2018
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