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we are in Business Since 1948
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Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 5:30pm
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Level 14, Off 1411
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Buy & Sell Gold Bullion Bars in Melbourne

All gold bullion sales are subject to availability.
Please Call 1800 618 805
Gold Bullion We Sell From We Buy Up To
1 oz Gold Bullion $ 2803.01 $ 2626.97
1/4 oz Gold Bullion $ 700.75 $ 656.74
1/2 oz Gold Bullion $ 1421.82 $ 1313.49
2 oz Gold Bullion $ 5606.02 $ 5253.95
5 oz Gold Bullion $ 13947.33 $ 13134.87
10 oz Gold Bullion $ 27894.67 $ 26269.73
5 grs Gold Bullion $ 469.48 $ 421.67
10 grs Gold Bullion $ 938.97 $ 843.33
20 grs Gold Bullion $ 1808.38 $ 1686.66
50 grs Gold Bullion $ 4499.21 $ 4216.65
100 grs Gold Bullion $ 8998.42 $ 8433.3
500 grs Gold Bullion $ 44687.8 $ 42166.51
1 kilo Gold Bullion $ 89246 $ 84457.19
Prices Updated: Monday, April 6 2020
The prices shown above are indications of Spot retail price and will only be updated during trading hours.
All bullion trading is operated by PP RENTALS PTY LTD.
If the time has come for you to sell your gold, then you need to rely on the knowledge, experience and live prices that reputable gold buyers offer.
It is common for people to purchase gold items as an investment. However, when the time comes for you to decide to sell, you need to rely on Bullion dealers who have your best interests at heart.

Where to buy Gold Bullion in Melbourne ?

We are an Australian operated and owned gold and silver bullion buyer and that means that we are always seeking to offer our customers the latest prices and the very best deal on their gold. Our ability to buy and sell means that we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to understanding the market. Having experience in gold and silver ensures that our customers can benefit from a first-class service that provides them with all that they expect.
Gold is one of the most precious metals out there and so, as a commodity, the price can fluctuate. Therefore, when the sale price reaches an amount that works for you, you might consider selling your gold. If this is the case, then naturally, you will want to turn to us because we are experts in gold and silver.
There is a wide range of gold products out there that we are always interested in buying. Therefore, we are interested in gold jewellery, gold coins and bullion coins.

Where to Sell Gold Bullion ?

Choosing to sell gold and silver is a big decision. There are certain circumstances that might have forced you to sell but if you think that now is the time to cash in on your investment then we are here for you. As Melbourne gold specialists, you can trust in our live prices and ensure that you get the best possible price, enabling you to maximise your investment.
We will examine your gold, identify its value and give you a spot price that you can work with. We don’t take a sales approach to how we deliver our service. If you want to sell then we are happy to buy your gold but if you are enquiring about a valuation then we are always willing to oblige.
We care about our customers which is why we also don’t have vault offers. Security is paramount to us but private vaults offer no real security as they are not insured. This is due to the contents being unknown and so, bank vaults are often the safer more secure choice.
Understanding the market and what our customers expect enables us to deliver a tailored service. Therefore, we do not only buy and sell gold and silver but we are also willing to exchange bitcoin for gold bullion. We are here to help the economy prosper.

We Buy Gold Up To

9ct $29.24 per gram
14ct $45.62 per gram
18ct $58.49 per gram
22ct $71.44 per gram
24ct $77.98 per gram
Gold Bullion Bars: Click Here
Silver Bullion Bars: Click Here

We Pawn Gold at

9ct $26.32 per gram
14ct $41.06 per gram
18ct $52.64 per gram
22ct $64.3 per gram
24ct $70.18 per gram

Prices Updated: Monday, April 6 2020
Prices subject to supply and demand.

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