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How to Buy Gold in Australia ?

At present, there is no other material that has the guaranteed investment stability of gold. Not only does anything made of gold looks stunning but buying it is without a doubt one of the best investment anyone can make.

The stability that gold offers often makes it tradable for money faster than bank deposit. All anyone needs to do is to buy some gold and sell it when the price is high down the road.


Gold as an asset


Most of the gold available or in the possession of people are in the form of jewelry, coins or solid barsThe gold bar is comparatively more precious than either jewelry or coins. Gold bars are available in sizes/weight ranging from 1oz to 500oz or gold coins in 1oz size. 

However Gold is much more valuable and thus easier to buy and sell if it is in the form of standardized bars.


How to invest in gold?


The traditional way is to go to a shop and buy gold jewelry, gold bars, or coins. But if you want to invest in a company in Australia, then you must be very careful. If you are from another country, then there are specific rules for you,try to know about the rules. You can also begin the gold business by running a shop.


Facts to decide while buying gold personally


Location: There are a lot of dealers in Australia who trade gold. In a big country like Australia,the location of the dealer is a significant fact. So try to find someone from neighboring areas. It will also give you the guarantee if you know the address of the dealer.


Online option: As Australia is a modern country, you can also buy gold online like on ----- or some other websites. In that case, make sure with whom you are dealing with. There is a little bit of risk here about fraud people,so you should try to do research. It will help to know if the dealer is trustworthy and reputable or not.


How the gold was produced:

It is your legal right to know how and from where the gold was produced. At first be confirm about it from the seller. See whether it is manufactured and recognized rightly or not.

Premiums and commissions: Before buying gold, you should know how to check the authenticity of the gold. Make a transparent negotiation about the charge, commissions of dealer.

Licenses and other casualties: The most important thing is to check, if the seller got permit for his business or not. Otherwise, you will fall into the trap of fraud.

Delivery: In case of large amount,make the delivery process clear with the dealer. Make sure they cause no harm during the transportation of gold.

Reservation or Maintenance: You can keep gold in a bank vault or a safe place at home. But in a country like Australia, many companies can ensure safety if you keep your gold to their vault.


If you stay in Melbourne or Sydney city, then you can come and visit our shop. If you remain outside of the two cities, then you can visit SC Gold buyers.

We follow all the rules and regulations for buying and selling golds.

On Dec 03, 2019

Where To Buy & Sell Gold Coins & Get A Fair Price

There’s something about precious metals that has always enchanted people. That’s why many different cultures have used gold or silver for currency for hundreds of years, and it’s no different today. Pure gold is incredibly valuable, so the choice to buy and sell it is an obvious one. 

When you’re new to the industry, though, finding the right venue for buying gold or selling gold coins you already own might feel a bit daunting. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to see through the frenzy. 

On Oct 30, 2019

Is Silver Bullion A Good Investment

Precious metals are the original form of wealth, so it’s no wonder why those who are particularly aware of global instability set their sights on investing in silver or gold. 

Unlike mining stocks, or even cash, silver bullion is physical wealth that cannot fall below a certain value, so it’s safe in that respect. A somewhat questionable year might have some wondering whether buying silver is the right move at this point, but it could prove the smartest moment to invest in precious metals. 

On Oct 30, 2019

What Should I Expect When Selling Gold

Like any good investment, selling gold is an inevitable part of the investment cycle. Even if you didn’t buy gold coins or other gold items as part of a long term investment strategy and simply want to earn some cash for gold jewellery, there are some things to be aware of first. 

On Oct 30, 2019

Does Gold or Diamond jewellery Yield Better Returns?

Buying a diamond has been considered a status symbol across cultures for hundreds of years. Likewise, gold jewellery is something that has been associated with wealth for even longer. 

Now, as the demand for diamonds appears to be increasing in the United States and China, it could be the right time to invest in these precious stones. However, the question bears asking: is diamond or gold jewellery the better investment for long term returns?

On Oct 30, 2019

We Buy Gold Up To

9ct $28.5 per gram
14ct $44.45 per gram
18ct $56.99 per gram
22ct $69.61 per gram
24ct $75.98 per gram
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We Pawn Gold at

9ct $25.65 per gram
14ct $40.01 per gram
18ct $51.29 per gram
22ct $62.65 per gram
24ct $68.38 per gram

Prices Updated: Saturday, March 28 2020
Prices subject to supply and demand.

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